Save with RESPs + Giveaway

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There seems to be a theme going on this week that seemed to happened by accident.

On Monday I showed you how we need to get our books in order with Bookkeeping 101 and today I’m talking about RESPs.

My husband is a HUGE saver and he is slowly turning me into one (okay, not really but I try).

RESP / My ballerina girl via

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How to be an Organized Blogger Part 4 – Bookkeeping 101

 Today we’re really getting into the How to be an Organized Blogger series.  Actually, this could apply to any small business.  It’s how I kept the books working in doctors’ offices so if it’s good enough for doctors, it’s good enough for bloggers.

 Again, I’m not a bookkeeping expert by any means but this is a very simple way of keeping your books organized.  At tax time, all the ‘books’ can be taken to your accountant all organized or you can easily file your taxes yourself.

Since I started to make some money blogging, I’ve been bookkeeping using with this system.   It’s a great way to keep track of income and expenses for tax purposes and also just to know if you are making any money at all or just breaking even.

Are you ready for Bookkeeping 101?

Organized Blogger Series Bookkeeping 101 |

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Fall Home Tour

I was thrilled when Sonya and Melissa invited me to be a part of their big Fall Home Tours.  Of course I said yes!

It gives me a chance to take out the spring and summer items off my bookshelves and get into the season.

Otherwise, those seashells and birds’ nests would stay there all year long.

I have home decor items saved for our rustic industrial cabin in the woods that I brought out for this tour.

If you like photos, I have plenty.  Grab your cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the tour and be sure to check out all the other tours at the end of this post ;)

Fall Home Tour |

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My Chippy Dresser That Resembles Cowhide

Recently I showed you some photos of a dresser that I was sanding down to make it chippy or heavily distressed.

After my son keyed one of the drawers, it’s been on my to do list for years to refinish it.

Once I sanded it down, it really started to resemble cowhide.  So cool.  Totally not my intention but so cool.

Here’s how I (mistakenly) achieved the look.

Cowhide dresser |

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Door Stop Tutorial

I don’t usually share a tutorial with you on the weekend but when All Free Sewing contacted me to contribute to their new blog, I jumped at the chance.

I’ve had this on my to do list forever so it seemed like the perfect time to tackle a sewing project.

I’ll show you how I made this cute Door Stop.

This project is a great way to use leftover fabric as you don’t need much of it.  I used leftovers from my office bulletin board.

Door stop tutorial |

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