Paint Your 80s Fireplace


 With all the crazy amounts of photos I’ve taken of my living room, I’ve never done a post about that 80s peach granite and marble fireplace. I’ve answered many emails about it so I thought it was finally time to do a post on it. I didn’t think it warranted a post since I just […]

French Distressed Chair and Easy Upholstery Tutorial


Recently, I was contacted by Maryanne at Stimuli Magazine to see if I wished to participate in The Passionate Home‘s 4th Annual Chairs for Charity even.  I met Maryanne this summer at the Milner Gardens Hometalk event I participated in.  I was honoured she asked me so of course the answer was yes. The Passionate Home is […]

DIY Boxy Door Draft (or Light) Blocker


I’m fanatical about sleep.  Not only MY sleep but my kids’ sleep. Although I will admit that since starting this blog, I’ve been going to sleep later and later as most of my work is done in the evening. Anyhoo, I still love my sleep.  I’m super crankypants if I don’t have enough sleep and […]

Duluth Trading Co & Blog Updates


Disclosure: Thanks for the beautiful flannel shirt & leather bag, Duluth Trading Co! I have so much to tell you today!  I’ve been wanting to give you a bunch of blog updates with what’s left to do at the house.  There’s always stuff to do but these are to do items that have been bothering […]

Halloween Ghosts and Mantel


I’m contributing again over at Jennifer Rizzo.  Be sure to see how I made this not-so-scary ghost garland out of curtain sheers.  You know how much I love a good upcycle! The ghost faces were made using a number stamp collection. While I was at it, I decorated a very ghoul-y mantel as well.

Easy Halloween Pillow


 It’s Trash to Treasure time! I made an easy Halloween pillow yesterday and it wasn’t even meant for Halloween, it just seemed to fit the holiday. I wanted to make a pillow from a dress I shrunk. Weird, maybe, but it totally worked and that it totally matches Halloween?  A big plus! See how I […]

One Cabinet Styled Three Ways


A few months ago I showed you how I styled a TV furniture stand into a bar serving area. I love furniture that can be used for different purposes. That’s what makes furniture investments so worth it. If it doesn’t work for the reason you purchased it, you can change it for a new purpose, […]

Rustic Dining Chairs


 My dining room goals list is almost done! It seems to have taken forever.  And once it’s done I’ll probably have more to do it.  Actually, no.  I think I’m going to be done with this room for awhile. It’s really good to make a list of goals for a specific room or else I […]

Save with RESPs + Giveaway


Be sure to enter TWO giveaways at the end of this post to win money towards your own RESP RBC® account! There seems to be a theme going on this week that seemed to happened by accident. On Monday I showed you how we need to get our books in order with Bookkeeping 101 and today […]

How to be an Organized Blogger Part 4 – Bookkeeping 101


 Today we’re really getting into the How to be an Organized Blogger series.  Actually, this could apply to any small business.  It’s how I kept the books working in doctors’ offices so if it’s good enough for doctors, it’s good enough for bloggers.  Again, I’m not a bookkeeping expert by any means but this is […]