Superhero Skyline Backdrop (and Birthday Invite)

 Superhero Skyline Backdrop

My son had a fantastic time at his 5th birthday party this year.  Superhero theme, of course.

I wanted to make one of those cool backdrops I’ve been seeing around blogland for quite some time where the kids (or dads) can act like they are flying over the city just like Superman.

I’m showing you how I made mine today.  It was really easy and fun to make!

Superhero skyline backdrop via



Here is what you’ll need to make it…


  • cardboard
  • colored tape (I used Scotch Expressions packing)
  • scissors
  • black craft/acrylic paint
  • foam brush
  • queen size blue sheet
  • quilting batting for clouds

Scotch Expressions via



1. Cut cardboard shapes from a box in various building rectangle shapes.

Superhero skyline backdrop via

2. Paint one side with black paint.  I just used one coat but you could definitely paint a few coats on it.

Superhero skyline backdrop via

3. Cut various rectangles of the colored packing tape to mimic lights on in a building.  I like how the Scotch Expressions tape shines like actual lights in a building.

Superhero skyline backdrop via

4.  Eyeball it to make sure the “lights” are level like the floors of a building.

5.  The blue sheet acts as the sky.

6. Cut the quilting batting into cloud shapes and just lay on the sheet.  Everything just sits on top of the sheet so it makes it easy for transport.

Superhero skyline backdrop via


Here are some super cool superhero examples from my son’s birthday party.

The birthday Bat-boy.

Superhero skyline backdrop via

Superhero skyline backdrop via

My daughter, Spidergirl.

Superhero skyline backdrop via

And my good friend, Tanis’ superhero son.

Make sure to bring extra capes for kids who didn’t bring one to the party and let the fun begin!

Superhero skyline backdrop via


And my hubby, lol.

Superhero skyline backdrop via

 Birthday Invite

Here is the invite we got made for the party.  I love the vintage look to it.

It’s from 2 Bird Studios on Etsy.

Superhero birthday invite via


To see more about the Superhero Birthday Party (including Spiderman tablecloths, water bottle labels and more, click here.

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To see how I iced and decorated the cake like a pro, click here.

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness gracious, you are like the coolest Mom on the BLOCK for creating this epic backdrop. And now my mind is reeling with ideas for how to adapt this concept for future parties…so thanks for the inspiration, lady. Also, mad props to your hubby for dressing up and taking that fun photo! I love it all!

  2. says

    This is SO, SO awesome, Jamie!! I second what Lauren said – you’ve gotta be the coolest mom on the blog! I bet the kids had a blast posing for different pics and pretending to fly across the city sky! I also love that your hubby got in on the action :)

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